Reading Order for Delaney's Books

Published Order

  1. The Sea Monster's Mate, Delaney's Sea Monsters Book 1, published on 23 November 2019
  2. The Bigfoot's Mate, Delaney's Bigfoot Book 1, published on 10 July 2020
  3. The Incubus's Mate, Delaney's Incubi Book 1, published on 28 August 2021
  4. The Aliens' Mate published on 5 December 2021
  5. The Red Dragon's Mate published on 20 March 2022
  6. The Unicorn's Mate published on 22 July 2022
  7. The Demon's Mate, Delaney's Demons Book 1, published on 7 October 2022
  8. A Death Worth Living, Delaney's Demons Related Content, published on 4 February 2023
  9. Aquaculture Affair, Delaney's Sea Monsters Book 2, published on 12 February 2023
  10. Friends of The Incubus's Mate, Delaney's Incubi Related Content, published on 22 February 2023
  11. The Minotaur's Mate published on 30 April 2023
  12. For Fur's Sake, Delaney's Bigfoot Book 2, published direct on 27 July 2023 and on Amazon on 15 August 2023
  13. The Demon's Dealbreaker, Possessive Love multi-author collaboration, published on 24 September 2023

Order for Books with the TV Show "Is It Out There?"

  1. The Red Dragon's Mate, featuring the original show host Clark Banning
  2. The Demon's Mate, featuring the second show host Max Tate and demonologist Sal Dukes
  3. A Death Worth Living, featuring Max and Sal with ghost Uriah Priest
  4. For Fur's Sake, includes the third show host Huck Savage (not a main character)

Individual Series Reading Order

Delaney's Sea Monsters

  1. The Sea Monster's Mate
    1. What Michael & Serion Did In The Pool (newsletter freebie)
    2. Catching Carter (newsletter freebie)
  2. Aquaculture Affair

Delaney's Bigfoot

  1. The Bigfoot's Mate
  2. For Fur's Sake

Delaney's Incubi

  1. The Incubus's Mate
  2. Friends of The Incubus's Mate (buyable collection of newsletter freebies)
    1. The Dentist's Vampire (newsletter freebie)
    2. The Quarterback's Dragon (newsletter freebie)
    3. The Werewolf's Park Ranger (newsletter freebie)

Delaney's Demons

  1. The Demon's Mate
  2. A Death Worth Living

Delaney's Aliens

  1. The Aliens' Mate
    1. He's Having My Baby (newsletter freebie)